7th EverythingAboutWater Expo, Stall No. 279 & 280 at Hall No. 2&3 Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai. From January 7 - 9, 2010
Everything About Water Expo
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Wine Bottle Cleaner (WBC)
Nato Stock Number
WBC Eco-WBC is a very highly concentrated very much economic chemical for bottle and tank cleaning. It is highly effective for penetrating and wetting of metallic labels and required less socking time in bottle washer. Eco-WBC is Biodegradable and eco-friendly, it lower the surface tension of a liquid and allows the easier spreading, this property gives sanitizing effect and helps to remove dirty stains from the glass bottles. Because of all these property of Eco-WBC will give you sparkling clean bottles and tank that meet the highest standards of hygiene and economy in consumption. Eco-WBC also prevents development of opacity in the glass bottle and gives excellent crystal clarity.
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